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Global Overview


Global Overview had been working to separate their existing processes and resources from their parent company. Oak Rocket was tasked with migrating data and processes from the parent companies’ accounts to one owned wholly by Global Overview. Many of the running instances and data were involved with the machine learning system, which created numerous challenges.

Many of the running instances along with data from their machine learning system needed to be transitioned seamlessly with minimal interruption to the business process.

We needed to ensure the following:

  • The parent company’s resources were properly identified and left as-is
  • All Global Overview’s resources were identified and there were no processes that relied on the other company’s AWS account.
  • IAM policies needed to be properly migrated and cross-account roles appropriately severed
  • Look for performance design enhancements to be done during the move
  • Proper QA of all processes and data.

Solution & Designs

Oak Rocket designed and built an AWS environment that will scale easily as Global Overview’s needs increase. We imported Global’s SQL server data into Redshift using AWS Best Practices. Custom Redshift Views were built and Tableau was then configured to talk to Redshift from Global’s office and test the SQL query performance.

A system was then designed and built to ingest data from Global’s customers. This system used a Lambda function to pull data down from a vendor file-sharing system at a periodic interval. This data is then transmitted to S3 where another Lambda function was invoked to run a Redshift COPY command that imports the data.

Business Benefits

This project was a success as there was no loss of data and minimal interruption to their business operations.

The migration allowed for a review of existing resources and provided a more secure and more efficient environment for Global Overview to scale and service its clients today and as the company grows.

About Client

Global Overview’s focus is marketing and advertising. They have been managing online advertising campaigns for customers for over 10 years.


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