AWS Generative AI Services

Unlock productivity and increase profitability with AWS Generative AI Services by Oak Rocket.

Generative AI breaks technological barriers, reshapes the AI landscape, and drives digital transformation.

Generative AI Robot

With AWS Generative AI Services, clients develop more software better and faster. Clients gain time, save money, and grow exponentially through innovation built on AWS Gen AI.

A leading Advanced Partner, Authorized Commercial Reseller, and Database Modernization Ambassador, Oak Rocket has been an AWS Partner for more than 10 years.  Oak Rocket is one of the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned Businesses in America.

Find out what’s possible with AWS Generative AI services from Oak Rocket. Our Gen AI Innovation Assessment helps you explore how to leverage AWS Gen AI technology to unlock innovation, increase productivity, cut costs, and grow profits for your company.  

This complimentary assessment explores the potential impact of Generative AI on your business. We can also help you decide where to apply Machine Learning versus Generative AI.

Oak Rocket AWS Generative AI services offering helps clients design and build digital-native platforms using cutting-edge technologies like:

• Amazon Bedrock
• CodeWhisperer
• SageMaker

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models (FMs).

A fully managed serverless service, Bedrock makes foundation models (FMs) from Amazon and leading AI startups available through an API. You can choose from various FMs to find the best model for your use case.

With Amazon Bedrock, you can get started quickly and experiment with FMs easily. Additionally, you can privately customize FMs with your proprietary data and seamlessly integrate and deploy them into your applications using AWS tools and capabilities – including integrations with Amazon SageMaker ML features like Experiments to test different models and AWS Pipelines to manage FMs at scale, without having to manage any infrastructure.

Amazon Bedrock’s Agents are fully managed, making it easier for developers to create generative AI applications that can deliver up-to-date answers based on proprietary knowledge sources and complete tasks for a wide range of use cases.

AWS Generative AI Services
AWS Generative AI Services

Amazon Code Whisperer

A general purpose, machine learning-powered code generator, Amazon CodeWhisperer provides code recommendations in real time. 

CodeWhisperer generates suggestions automatically, based on the existing code and comments. Recommendations can vary, ranging from a single line comment to fully formed functions. CodeWhisperer can be used to scan code, and highlight and define security issues.

Amazon SageMaker

SageMaker enables high-performance, low-cost Machine Learning (ML) at scale, enabling more teams to innovate with ML

Built on more than twenty years of experience developing real-world ML applications, SageMaker has been used for product recommendations, personalization, intelligent shopping, and robotics.

ML Engineers

Deploy and manage models at scale with SageMaker MLOps

Data Scientists

SageMaker Studio to prepare data and build, train, and deploy models

Business Analysts

Make ML predictions using a visual interface with SageMaker Canvas

AWS Generative AI Services
AWS Generative AI services

AWS Generative AI Services (Powered by Compass UOL)

Gen AI SEO Performance Optimizer

Unleash the power of AI for unparalleled SEO enhancement. Elevate visibility, captivate audiences, and amplify performance.

Automated Document Analysis with GenAI

Revolutionize legal document management with our AI-powered solution that streamlines data extraction, ensuring swiftness, precision, and operational excellence.

Personalized Chatbot Ordering with GenAI

Enhance ordering with a chatbot powered by Generative AI that serves as a personalized shopping assistant, effortlessly finding products aligned with customer preferences.

Knowledge Base Search with GenAI

Unlock streamlined info access with our chatbot: instant responses from the company’s knowledge base. Liberate employees, boost efficiency. Embrace the future of enlightenment.

AI-powered Legal Document Interpretation

Revolutionize legal document handling with AI-powered automation, boosting efficiency and accuracy. Liberate your team for impactful work.

Generative AI-driven Q&A

Enhance support with our Generative AI-driven Q&A solution. Deliver accurate, personalized responses swiftly, freeing your team for higher-value tasks.

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