Mapping and Analytics

What if everyone had broadband access? What if it was feasible to see the gaps in broadband coverage? What if there was a way to design solutions to cover everyone?

Mapping and Analytics

What if everyone had access to broadband? What if it was feasible to see the gaps in broadband coverage? What if there was a way to design solutions to cover everyone?

Mapping and Analytics

Broadband is the new “utility.” Like you at Oak Rocket, we believe everyone deserves digital equality in education, commerce, and telehealth. We work with stakeholders to analyze gaps in their community’s broadband as a foundation and then design, fund, and deliver real solutions.

No two communities are alike; creating great solutions takes experience and an eye for the art of the impossible.

With Oak Rocket, you have that partner. You can envision a real solution for today and tomorrow using analytics from our proprietary Mapping Solution.

Mapping and Analytics

Our Design Services team utilizes a blend of conventional and cutting-edge technologies to craft custom solutions that fit your community’s requirements and budget. Rest easy knowing that Oak Rocket’s experienced project management and delivery crew will oversee your project’s success.

It’s no secret that funding community projects can be a daunting task, but Oak Rocket is here to help.

Our Grant Writing Service works closely with community leaders to identify funding sources and compose winning grant applications – and with a stunning 89% funding rate over the past decade, you can rest easy knowing your initiatives will be brought to life.

With Oak Rocket by your side, you can envision a broadband solution for your community, complete with top-of-the-line analysis, design, and architecture.

Imagine the ways in which your community will thrive with Broadband Equality.

Oak Rocket’s Discovery and Program Delivery Solutions empower local governments and anchor institutions to:

Visualize available public Wi-Fi with demographic community information in a GIS (Graphical Interface System) and data-enabled map for analysis and planning.
Capture CARES Act and E-rate funding for Digital Divide solutions with grant writing and advice.
Deploy leading data privacy layers and data integrity infrastructure to withstand data theft and digital ransom attacks.
Upgrade municipal connectivity strategies for 5G and beyond, while ensuring digital divide goals are met on-time and on-budget.
Utilize automatic “libraries” of digital tools to expand the breadth and reach of publicly available internet services across communities while simultaneously reducing complexity, unnecessary overhead, and confusion of citizens.
Implement best practices and requirements ensuring a foundation for next-generation community Wi-Fi.
Reposition resources in real-time through automated gap analysis for clear insight, recommendations, and threat avoidance.

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