Dao Jensen – Intentional Greatness

Intentional Greatness

Thanks to Sue Hawkes for hosting an amazing and insightful interview with our CEO, Dao Jensen in the recent Intentional Greatness® Podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:
  • How Dao and her company Kaizen helped low-income families gain internet access during the pandemic
  • Why your failures are the best lessons you have
  • How asking questions can help you have a career in tech
  • The importance of finding the right partners
  • Why Dao knew she was destined to “do her own thing”

Many people believe that they cannot have a career in the technology industry because they don’t know much about tech. Dao shares how she landed in the tech world by “accident” and how she was able to build success. She explains that asking questions is a key part of success — sharing that understanding why is the most important part. In this episode, Dao discusses the importance of learning lessons from failures and finding the right partners and connections in business.

Listen to the full episode at: https://www.sayyess.com/podcasts/dao-jensen/

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