Oak Rocket In The Public Sector

From addressing the digital divide, optimizing workflows, and maximizing the efficiency of applications, today, public sector institutions are using the cloud to improve their service offerings.


Oak Rocket In The Public Sector

From addressing the digital divide, optimizing workflows, and maximizing the efficiency of applications, today, public sector institutions are using the cloud to improve their service offerings.

The challenge is meeting compliance, performance, cost objectives, and mandates that commercial entities don’t. It’s not fair to have rules and regulations adding complexity to your technology goals.

With Oak Rocket, you can have a team with the experience to design a cloud solution that enables your team to create innovative solutions in a framework that fits the Public Sector.

Public Sector organizations face unique challenges. You need a partner experienced in helping public institutions move their operations to the cloud. With Oak Rocket, you can have a team that knows how to navigate the cloud, paving the way for innovation.

We work with you to help you understand your needs and to develop a cloud solution to help your team meet its goals.

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What if everyone had broadband access? What if it was feasible to see the gaps in broadband coverage? What if there was a way to design solutions to cover everyone?

Working with Public Sector stakeholders so they can effectively analyze broadband gaps and create an equal playing field for education, commerce, and telehealth is what we do.

Exciting New Solutions In The Cloud

Much of the Public Sector is taking a cloud-first approach. The challenge is meeting compliance, performance/cost objectives, and mandates that commercial entities don’t.

You would actually need a partner with the experience to work with you and other stakeholders, to educate, plan and deliver AWS cloud services that meet your objectives. We work with our clients so they can deliver great:

Virtual Education

Digital Divide Iniatives - Community Broadband

Telehealth And Services For The Underserved

Oak Rocket Grant Writing and Digital Equality Services

In 2020 SLED leaders were blindsided. In an instant community, Internet access evolved from amenity to lifeline. The stakes could not have been higher or the result more important. The challenge for leaders now is how to fund and deliver affordable and viable broadband to those in need. Solutions are often costly, and grants can be prescriptive, creating additional challenges.

Oak Rocket understands the difficult position leaders face when grant monies are available but writing an effective grant application is a rare skill set. Our Grant Management team uses a selective team approach attuned to each client that capitalizes on decades of collective specialized experience.

The team has had an 87.6% funding rate since 2009. They have won grants for over 200 clients, including over 40 local governments, many large companies, and start-ups. The broadband Subject Matter Expert (SME) has written $77 million in grants for tribes – more than half of this for broadband, including $39.6 million for the Navajo Nation and has won every broadband grant application submitted.

Capabilities and Services

Our broadband professional engineering team provides consulting, design, and project/construction management services for the following disciplines: (a) telecommunications and technology, (b) electric power, (c) instrumentation/control systems; and (d) drafting/design services. They provide professional services to a variety of industries and markets including tribal nations, government entities, large public venues, oil and gas, wireless cellular carriers, transportation, and private entities. Our engineers are registered in over 32 states.

Telecom & Technology Project Consulting Services including feasibility studies and requirement development

Lead, Coordinate and Execute Large-Scale, Customized Telecommunication Projects

Provide Technology Support and Coordination with Wireless Service providers, Cellular Carriers, and Equipment Vendors

Detailed site surveys to identify building parameters and operational needs

Design, Install and Support Wireless Telecom Solutions

Technology Roadmap planning

Regulatory compliance and permitting requirements

System Requirement development

Primary and Emergency Power System Design

FCC, FAA, and environmental regulatory permitting and compliance

Scope of Work Development

Ongoing Network Management, Maintenance, and Support

Oak Rocket – Covid Response

The Covid-19 crisis forced SLED leaders to deliver connectivity solutions to support its most vulnerable communities including students and teachers at an extraordinary pace. Oak Rocket gives state, local, and education leaders battle-proven end-to-end solutions to leverage CARES Act funding for digital divide infrastructure challenges from assessment to solution design and project completion, fast.

From our field-tested, proprietary business intelligence platform for analysis and solution planning, to assisting with grants, procurement, and professional services; our tools and experience ensure your success.

Oak Rocket’s Discovery and Program Delivery Solutions empower local governments and anchor institutions to:

Lead, Coordinate and Execute Large-Scale, Customized Telecommunication Projects

Visualize available public Wi-Fi with demographic community information in a GIS (Graphical Interface System) and data-enabled map for analysis and planning.

Design, Install and Support Wireless Telecom Solutions

Capture CARES Act and E-rate funding for Digital Divide solutions with grant writing and advice.

Reposition resources in real-time through automated gap analysis for clear insight, recommendations, and threat avoidance.

Implement best practices and requirements ensuring a foundation for next-generation community Wi-Fi.

Upgrade municipal connectivity strategies for 5G and beyond, while ensuring digital divide goals are met on-time and on-budget.

Utilize automatic “libraries” of digital tools to expand the breadth and reach of publicly available internet services across communities while simultaneously reducing complexity, unnecessary overhead, and confusion of citizens.

Deploy leading data privacy layers and data integrity infrastructure to withstand data theft and digital ransom attacks.

Security in the Cloud

Security in the cloud is always a concern and we understand. Enhanced security is one of the advantages of the cloud. Cloud service providers make sure to maintain the most precise security measures for their clients. From authentic digital protections to high-end physical ones, they prioritize cybersecurity first.

The data centers and some top cloud providers globally safeguard your data. They employ the brightest and best cybersecurity professionals available. This helps them continuously increase their knowledge of enhancing their security practices and offers a secure space for client data.

Oak Rocket Will Help You Navigate The Cloud

Oak Rocket has helped countless public sector institutions upgrade their systems and make the move to the cloud. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your team takes advantage of all the cloud benefits. We can help you navigate any roadblocks that are in the way of your cloud adoption.