AWS Savings Plans: Unlock Significant Cloud Cost Savings

AWS Savings Plans

Discover the power of AWS Savings Plans. As organizations increasingly rely on cloud services, finding ways to manage and optimize cloud spending becomes essential. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a variety of pricing options, including innovative Savings Plans.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how they can help your organization save on cloud costs, and how partnering with an AWS expert like Oak Rocket can help you make the most of your AWS investment.

What are AWS Savings Plans?

AWS Savings Plans are a flexible pricing model designed to help organizations save on cloud computing expenses. By committing to a specific amount of computing usage, businesses can enjoy significant discounts compared to on-demand pricing. AWS Plans are essential for any organization looking to reduce cloud costs while maintaining flexibility and ease of management.

Key Features of Savings Plans

  • Significant cost savings: AWS Plans offer up to 72% discount compared to on-demand pricing.
  • Flexible usage: They automatically apply to any eligible instance usage, regardless of region or instance family.
  • Easy management: Monitor your Savings Plans through the AWS Cost Explorer.

Benefits for Your Business

AWS Savings Plans provide several advantages over other pricing methods like Reserved Instances (RIs):
  • More flexibility: They cover a broader range of instances and allow usage across multiple regions, unlike RIs.
  • Simplified commitment: Commit to a dollar amount per hour rather than specific instances and terms.
  • Greater potential savings: Strategically used Savings Plans can yield higher savings than RIs.

How to Set Up Plans for Optimal Savings

Follow these steps and maximize your savings:
  1. Analyze your AWS usage: Review your current computing use with AWS Cost Explorer to find savings opportunities.
  2. Choose a Savings Plan type: Pick either Compute Savings Plans or EC2 Instance Savings Plans based on your needs and commitment level.
  3. Determine your commitment: Decide the amount of usage (in dollars per hour) to commit to for a one or 3-year term.
  4. Purchase the Savings Plan: Complete the purchase through the AWS Management Console.
  5. Monitor and optimize: Regularly review your Savings Plan usage and savings using AWS Cost Explorer, adjusting commitments as needed.

Best Practices for Maximizing Savings

To make the most of your Savings Plans, consider these best practices:
  • Regularly review and analyze your AWS usage to identify potential cost-saving opportunities
  • Choose the right Savings Plan type based on your organization’s needs and commitment level
  • Continuously monitor and optimize your AWS environment to ensure maximum savings
Your organization can significantly reduce cloud spending and drive overall business benefits through effective implementation.

Partner with Oak Rocket for AWS Optimization

Working with an experienced AWS partner like Oak Rocket can help you maximize the benefits of Savings Plans and optimize your overall AWS usage. Our expert consultants will:

  • Analyze your current AWS environment to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Develop a tailored plan to implement Savings Plans strategically
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure maximum savings

Oak Rocket has helped numerous clients save money and streamline their cloud environments. For example, we’ve assisted a large enterprise by reducing costs by 98% without changing their infrastructure or having an additional capital expense.

By leveraging plans and partnering with a skilled AWS consultant like Oak Rocket, your organization can significantly reduce cloud spend and drive overall business benefits. Talk to an Oak Rocket AWS Savings Plan expert today!

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