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“Project Hercules” primarily supports how Planful manages backups of customer data to ensure both the ability to restore information for customers as well as increase retention time for the data. All in conjunction with reducing overall costs for this functionality.

Planful contractually held 28 days of back-ups of customer data but had asked for an increase in this term to 60 or 90 days of retention and the increased amount of data drove up storage costs.

They needed an alternate solution that would allow for increased data retention, and allow for warm and cold backup types, and decrease costs.

Solution & Designs

Oak Rocket teamed with Planful to design a solution that utilized local storage, S3, and Glacier. They created a 7- / 30- / 60- day rotational method for customer data allowing for longer retention, faster restoration, and a huge decrease in costs – from $1.73/GB to $0.03/GB. The team set up a Direct Connect line from the customer’s data center to AWS data center in order to have the best connection, security, and free data transfer inward.

The collaborative team also made Cross-Region Replication for S3 buckets in Oregon to North Virginia Region to make sure customers have full redundancy of their data and also a Disaster Recovery Solution in the cloud.

By backing up data from local to AWS Cloud, the team also created a Disaster Recovery solution. Data can now be easily restored to the data center in an hour.

Business Benefits

Oak Rocket Team was able to offer the 60 days of data retention to meet customers needs, while reducing costs by 98% without changing their infrastructure or having an additional capital expense.

About Client

Planful, Inc. provides cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) applications for planning, consolidation, reporting, and analytics.


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