Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Achieve maximum ROI with our proven cloud cost optimization services

Unlock the potential of your AWS spending with confidence! At Oak Rocket, we understand that keeping up-to-date on cloud architecture and financial vehicles can be challenging – our expert team provides cloud cost optimization services you can rely on.

What if you could be sure of your AWS costs every month? What if you could have confidence your AWS spend was optimized? What if you had the tools and a team of experts in AWS Cost Optimization?

At Oak Rocket, we know getting the most out of AWS can be challenging. It takes knowledge of architecture, AWS Regions, financial vehicles, and an understanding of your unique business needs. It is complex. You can have a partner with the experience and resources to work with you to maximize your AWS Cloud. For over ten years, the AWS experts at Oak Rocket have successfully delivered real AWS Cost Optimization for our clients.

Reserved Instances (RI’s), Saving Plans (SP’s), and Buying Spots (SB’s) require more than reports from AWS. It takes a methodology, tools, and resources to identify opportunities for savings while avoiding risks. Oak Rocket experts work with you to consolidate your AWS accounts, review your architecture, analyze the data, then build and execute the strategy with you. To make it even better, Oak Rocket clients use our buying power for even deeper discounts.

Optimal commitment utilization and a dramatic reduction in Amazon EC2 spending. On average, Oak Rocket achieves a 45% discount off the AWS On-Demand price. The discount depends on the customer’s Regions, instance types, and volume of savings.

Real-time adjustments to Amazon EC2 commitments
Risk-free, buy-back guarantee
Success - based pricing model
Free up your engineers to focus on innovation
5-minute onboarding